How to Order Custom Curved Glass
Due to the amount of work & energy it takes to make custom curved glass, it is strongly recommended that the utmost care be taken in making the pattern(s) for custom curved glass production.  ***Custom cut glass is Non-Refundable. ***
Please read before placing any orders for custom curved glass to ensure that all dimensions are correctly understood by both you and Bent Glass Solutions LLC.
We will ALWAYS REQUIRE a full size pattern for any kind of irregular curved glass in order to give an accurate estimate or for production. It is NEVER a good idea to email a pattern for a quote or for production, as it may change the girth or radius, resulting in an inaccurate quote or final product. Original patterns should ALWAYS be mailed. 
If you are not sure of the information we need or the piece you need is an irregular bend (J-Bend or S-Bend), you should make a pattern of an existing piece by standing it on end and tracing all the way around the curve. Also include the height and any other information we might need to know about the glass and how to contact you.

(Examples of patterns made from an existing irregular bend) 
If you are not so fortunate as to have an existing piece to make a pattern from, you should make a cardboard or poster board pattern. If it is a door glass you can do this by taking the door and standing it on the material you will use to make the pattern and tracing around the inside of the door.
Cut the pattern out with a razor blade. Make sure the pattern fits in the door where the glass should rest. You may have to trim the pattern to fit, as the inside of the door is not exactly the same as where the glass rests.
If the piece you need cannot be removed, you can make a pattern by placing the cardboard or poster board on the edge of the frame where the glass rests and applying pressure on the opposite side of the pattern following the frame. 

Then flip the pattern over and trace out the impression where the glass rests.  Cut the pattern out with a razor blade. (You will have to transfer this pattern to a bigger pattern to extend the sides far enough to cover the lip that holds the edge of the glass. Then cut the pattern out once again.)

Insert the final pattern inside the frame and trim to fit if needed.  Be sure to include the height and your contact information.
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