Bent Glass Solutions LLC - Shipping Policy
   Customer Freight Responsibilities
   For your convenience, we summarize your responsibilities for receiving a shipment and suggest procedures to follow if there is freight damage. Once an order has left our factory, our responsibility for the shipment passes on to you. Bent Glass Solutions LLC takes great care in packaging each and every order in a way that, without being mishandled, is more then sufficient to reach its destination safely.
   Please note, all online orders will be delivered "Signature Required". Any shipment accepted by signature will be considered as, “Arrived in Good Condition” and Will Not be acceptable for a return because of damage that occurred during transit.

It will be The Customers Responsibility to file claims with the Transit Company for any concealed damages not noted at the time of the delivery. The customer will be responsible for any charges incurred in this process and any charges to replace the damaged product if the product has not yet been covered by any concealed damage freight claim.

   If Merchandise is Delivered in Damaged Condition You Should Refuse the Shipment Or You Must:
1. Have the driver note the damage and sign all copies of the freight bill.
2. Examine for concealed damage as soon as possible.
3. Notify carrier of freight claim immediately. It must be within 10 days of delivery, sooner if possible.
4. Retain damaged merchandise and all original packaging until inspected by carrier. Bent Glass Solutions LLC is not responsible for any losses sustained due to your failure to comply with this freight claim procedure. The Bent Glass Solutions LLC invoice MUST be paid in full when due irrespective of pending freight claim.
   Steps to Take at Time of Delivery to Protect Against Loss or Damage
1. Verify Count - Make sure you receive as many cartons as are listed on delivery receipt. Note any shortage on carrier’s delivery receipt and have the driver note the shortage on your copy.
2. Carefully Examine Each Carton For Damage - If damage is visible, note this fact on the delivery receipt and have the driver clearly note the same on your copy. If the carton appears to have internal damage, insist that the package be opened. You and the driver should make joint inspection of the contents. Any concealed damage discovered should be noted on the receipt and on your copy.
3. Immediately After Delivery, Open All Cartons And Inspect For Concealed Damage.
4. If time is not permitted to inspect the shipment at the time of delivery you may want to sign the bill “Subject to Inspection”.
   Steps to Take When Visible or Concealed Damage is Discovered
1. Retain Damaged Items - Damaged items, shipping cartons, and all packaging materials must be held in the receiving area until a carrier representative inspects them or waives the opportunity to inspect.
2. Call Carrier To Report Damage And Request Inspection - The call should be placed immediately upon discovery of the damage. Claims will be denied if not reported within 10 days.
3. Confirm Call In Writing - For your own protection, confirm your telephone claim in writing using certified, return receipt requested mail.
   Steps to Take When Carrier Makes Inspection of Damaged Items
1. Have Damaged Items In Receiving Area - Damaged items should not be moved form the receiving area. Allow the inspector to inspect carton, inner packaging materials, and freight bill.
2. Carefully Read The Inspection Report Before Signing - If you do not agree with the report, do not sign it. If repairs are not satisfactory, make sure the report requests replacement. A new item can be ordered only if the inspection report specified “Replace”.

   Steps to Take After Inspection

1. Continue to Hold Merchandise - Even though the inspection has been completed, damaged items cannot be used or disposed of without permission from the carrier.
2. Do Not Return Damaged Items to Bent Glass Solutions LLC - Return of such items cannot be made without written authorization from Bent Glass Solutions LLC. Credit or reimbursement from Bent Glass Solutions LLC will not be made on merchandise that has been damaged by the carrier.
3. Secure Receipt From Carrier if Damaged Items Are Picked Up For Salvage Value.
 When your freight is delivered, it is imperative you inspect each and every box for damages BEFORE signing the bill of lading. Any damaged freight must be noted on the bill of lading and refused at the time of delivery to avoid being charged for the damaged freight. You, the customer, will be solely responsible for paying for the damaged freight and all subsequent charges to reorder and redeliver replacement parts if damages are discovered after the material is delivered and no damage was noted on the bill of lading.
If the bill of lading is signed and does not have damages noted on it neither the freight line or Bent Glass Solutions LLC will be liable for the cost incurred to replace or repair those parts which are damaged. We have no proof the freight was damaged in transit if the bill of lading does not state that the freight was damaged. The freight line will deny all claims and Bent Glass Solutions LLC will have no recourse to hold the freight line liable for damages.
If the bill of lading is signed and no damages are noted, the freight line may claim the freight was damaged by others ( i.e. the installer, ect. ) on site and was not the fault of the freight line. The customer is responsible for filing the freight claim for hidden damages and the customer is responsible for all costs incurred with this process.



   Thank you,

Bent Glass Solutions LLC

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